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Course Benefits

- Complete skills set to assess and manage projects

- Reduce cost to the business

- Increase efficiency of business projects

- Increase control of projects

- New skills obtained to manage project issues

Bring your projects in on time and on budget

Project Management is a powerful tool in the creation and running of any kind of venture. This course aims to provide you with the techniques and methodology needed to manage your own projects on time, to budget, and to success.

Course Objectives

- Setting your goals
- Strategic planning
- Defining roles
- Managing risk
- Budget constraints
- Customer requirements
- Project organisation and stages
- Project closure



Course Overview
We are committed to delivering first-rate knowledge and experience to help your business realise its potential. We will show you the skills and techniques required to plan, implement and manage business projects and ventures.

All our trainers are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who have gained their experience from working with some of the most successful businesses around. This course will provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to instigate any project your business wants to action, supplying the skills and controls required to manage your projects successfully from start to finish.

Full day training (9am - 4pm) including lunch.

Who Should Attend
The Project Management course is designed for managers and decision-makers within an organisation who manage and run projects. This course would also benefit members who implement change within the company.

Why Choose Succinct?

At Succinct Solutions, we know that knowledge and training are vital for a successful business. On our training courses, we offer the same support that we provide to our customers, and we make sure that the training you receive has immediate practical application within your business.

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