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Course Benefits

- Increase your Internet sales
- Increase your search positioning via website optimisation
- Reduce your marketing costs
- Increase customer engagement
- Reduce the cost of sales and invoicing processes

Why Choose Succinct?

At Succinct Solutions, we know that knowledge and training are vital for a successful business. On our training courses, we offer the same support that we provide to our customers, and we make sure that the training you receive has immediate practical application within your business.

Maximise the return from web marketing and the Internet

Digital Marketing can improve the sales and marketing of your products and services, as well as increase turnover and support your marketing plan. The aim of this course is to help you understand this vital opportunity for revenue that no business can afford to miss.

Course Objectives

- Strategic planning
- Customer analysis
- Customer communications
- Web-based technologies
- Data and measures
- Increasing website traffic
- Search engine optimisation
- Viral marketing



Course Overview
We are committed to delivering first-rate knowledge and experience to help your business reach its potential. We will show you how digital marketing is essential to enhancing your company’s exposure, and how to increase sales into the business by engaging with customers using digital media.

Our top trainers will deliver expert knowledge to show you how the most thriving businesses operate, and how they achieve and sustain their success. This course will provide you with the skills required to communicate with your customers over the Internet by using web-based media effectively, promoting customer awareness of products and services, and boosting sales using additional revenue streams.

Full day training (9am - 4pm) including lunch.

Who Should Attend
The Digital Marketing course is designed for all marketing managers, supervisors and company members responsible for online promotional marketing and web-orientated campaigns.



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