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Course Benefits

- Increase your business’ performance (time & quality)

- Reduce your business’ costs

- Increase the efficiency of your business

- Increase your ability to deliver

- Increase your control of the business

Why Choose Succinct?

At Succinct Solutions, we know that knowledge and training are vital for a successful business. On our training courses, we offer the same support that we provide to our customers, and we make sure that the training you receive has immediate practical application within your business.

Improve your efficiency and increase customer value

Our Business Improvement course uses Lean techniques to help you to get the most out of your business. It will teach you how to boost your productiveness and efficiency while also reducing waste. Lean is a fundamental principal that all successful businesses adhere to.

Course Objectives

- What is Lean?
- Seven wastes
- Processes
- Strategic planning
- Lean thinking (5S)
- Continuous improvement
- Visual management systems
- Effectiveness and efficiency


Course Overview
This course is designed to help you to better understand your business and maximise your success. We will show you how to integrate proven business improvement strategies to help you to stay in control of your business and to help it thrive. Our training courses are built on the expertise, knowledge and experience that all good businesses use. We will help you to improve your operational efficiency, cut waste, reduce costs, and maximise your output.

Full day training (9am - 4pm) including lunch.

Who Should Attend
The Business Improvement course is designed for managers and decision-makers within an organisation. It will also benefit members who are responsible for implementing change within the company.

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