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Why Choose Succinct?

At Succinct Solutions, we know that knowledge and training are vital for a successful business. On our training courses, we offer the same support that we provide to our customers, and we make sure that the training you receive has immediate practical application within your business.

Ensuring excellent working relationships

This one-day course will provide staff with the essential communication skills they need to work effectively and confidently with clients, customers and colleagues. Good communication skills help staff increase their performance, reducing the time it takes to achieve both business and individual goals.

Course Objectives

- Identify barriers to effective communication
- Use a range of skills to communicate positively and clearly to others
- Speak and listen with confidence, to build rapport
- Analyse and use body language to your advantage


- Improve your confidence in communicating with staff and customers

- Increase staff effectiveness

- Reduce costly errors made through miscommunication

- Steer conversations and and influence people in order to get results

- Ensure you get your message across effectively and efficiently

- Enhance your professionalism at work

Course Overview
Effective communication is of paramount importance in ensuring that your organisation gets its message across and achieves results. We will cover all aspects of spoken communication required in a business context. This practical day will provide you with a range of effective tools and strategies to increase confidence and professionalism in communicating in a range of situations.

You will also have the opportunity to devise a personal action plan for making changes to your communication skills, for use in both a business and personal context.

Full day training (9.00am - 4pm) including lunch.

Who Should Attend
This Communication Skills training course is designed for any members of the business who wish to improve their communication with others.

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