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We can help you to improve your business in a number of areas using Focus Days and Business Coaching or Project Work to help you to achieve your business goals.

Operational Efficiency

This area helps you to increase the efficiency of your business, reducing your costs and increasing your profits. There are eight forms of waste that cost businesses money, and we work with you to identify these and to reduce and eliminate them.

Web Marketing

This area looks at the electronic side of your business – your communication, your website and beyond. Opening up the online market is vital for your business. No matter what you are selling, it’s a cheap and effective area for growth and improvement.

Business Operations 

This area looks at your cost and business model. Perhaps your business model is weak and needs an overhaul, or maybe your cost model needs to encourage a higher average spend per purchase. This is where we work with you to get the basics right. We can cover everything from a good cash flow model to a new business plan, to help you grow and move forward.

Sales and Marketing

This is a very popular area, focused on increasing your sales and reducing the costs of achieving each sale. Together, we look at focusing your business on your ideal customer. We create the best marketing material and put a plan in place to achieve the turnover that you want.


You may not need our full support – perhaps you just need some training to set you off in the right direction. Our training programmes will provide you and your business with the right mix of skills and knowledge to help you improve and grow. Our marketing and sales training can help you to increase your sales, and our efficiency improvement training can help you to increase your profits. We also provide courses to help you to get the most out of your team and your business.