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How do we work?

First and foremost, we work for you, the client. It’s your business and your goals that need to be focused on. For this reason, all of our clients are given a Business Improvement Review to identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Business Improvement Review

We provide you with a report that highlights what you need to do to improve and grow. For example, you may need to tighten up your sales process, implement a marketing plan, or reduce your costs to make the business more profitable. The review covers everything you need to know. Click here for more information or to book a Business Improvement Review.

Focus Day

You can use the Business Improvement Review to decide how you would like us to support you. You might choose to focus on a small element of your review, the whole thing, or perhaps you just need some guidance on what to do next. The first step will be a Focus Day, when we will work with you to analyse what you are currently doing, define your future goals for the business, and to deliver a plan of how to achieve these. This plan might focus on growing the business through sales, or increasing your profit per customer. You set the goal and we will develop a plan to help you achieve it. Our clients get great value from our Focus Days. They provide a strong focus for the business, and they typically highlight significant areas for improvement in clients’ business or marketing plans.

Focus Days range in cost from £995 - £2,995

Ongoing Support

After the Focus Day we usually provide two main areas of support – Business Coaching and Project Work. What’s right for you depends on how you want to be supported when you put your improvement plan into action.

Business Coaching

This is our most popular service because it provides ongoing support and business guidance. Business Coaching gives you access to our team whenever you need it. We work with you on a month-by-month basis, helping you to deliver your improvement plan. This could be by helping you to implement a new marketing plan, or make your operations more efficient and productive. With our support and coaching, you will learn how to manage your business effectively. We put measures in place to control the business, and we will work with you using our tools, skills and knowledge to improve your business on a monthly basis. We focus on the biggest problems in your business first, we fix those, and then we move on to the next. This means that you get continual, substantial improvements until your goals have been reached. Our methods reduce the time it takes to achieve your goals, and provide you with full support on the journey.

Business Coaching ranges in cost from £695 - £3,995 a month

Project Work

This is normally in the form of a quick turnaround solutions package. We take all the information from the Business Improvement Review and either provide you with a detailed plan on how to implement a solution, or we will solve the problem for you. Good examples of plans we provide include a new sales process, and a website or marketing plan. Project Work means that you get a solution supplied when and where you need it, and it will not affect your day-to-day activities.

Project Work ranges in cost from £2,495 - £44,495