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About Us


At Succinct Solutions, we will help your business to improve and grow. We will work in partnership with you to identify opportunities for improvement and to drive home change, improving your efficiency and increasing your profits, and growing your business through effective use of sales and marketing tools.

Tell us what you want to achieve, and by when, and we will work in partnership with you to develop and implement a plan that achieves your goals. For example, you might want to reduce the cost of running your business and to increase your profit. You may want to grow your business by developing additional revenue streams, or gain more customers for your product or service. Our challenge is to use our skills, tools, knowledge and experience to deliver the changes you need to achieve your goals, and have some fun along the way. Our success is driven by your success, and so we thrive on the challenge of improving your business to achieve a profitable outcome for both parties.

But who are we?

We are all degree-qualified business improvement experts who have worked within both national and international companies, getting the best out of businesses and helping them to grow. We thrive on the challenges that our clients set us to improve and grow their businesses, from sales and marketing targets to cost savings. We set up Succinct Solutions to focus all of our skills, tools and knowledge on small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses make up the backbone of the UK economy and are the companies that benefit most from the support we offer. We all enjoy our jobs, and we get a real buzz out of helping businesses to improve and grow.

Outside work, we take part in charity events to raise money for good causes. We all have busy and active lives, and we have learnt that it is vital to achieve a good work–life balance.